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Department of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics was started along with the institution in the year 2009. Mathematics is the science that deals with the logic of shape, quality and arrangements. Mathematics is widely used in every engineering field. Engineering Mathematics has wide applications and skills applicable to multidisciplinary technology is a balanced, integrated engineering curriculum.

The importance of Mathematics in today’s scenario is a powerful tool in understanding and solving problems in any field. In particular engineering, where the physical laws governing the system are transformed into mathematical equations and solved. The results obtained are stimulated with the available data and constructive conclusions can be drawn from the model. Hence mathematics plays a very important role in shaping the career of an Engineer.

The department supports other core departments in imparting quality education in Mathematics up to the fourth semester education of the B.E courses. Mathematics is one which unifies all branches of science and Technology and reflects the spirit of rationality.


Department of Mathematics strives to be internationally recognized for academic excellence through the depth of its teaching and research, and to be locally relevant through its role in the development of the community it serves.


Making Engineers to develop mathematical thinking and applying it to solve complex engineering problems, designing mathematical modeling for systems involving global level technology.

Head's Message

Prof. Bhanuprakash 
Associate Professor and Head – B.Sc, M.Sc


It’s rightly said that the history of Mathematics is as old as that of mankind. It is not considered just a Science within itself but is also known of all the sciences and key of all technologies. The emergence of many disciplines including Engineering, Space Sciences, Material Sciences, Biotechnology, Mathematical Biology, Management Sciences and Many others has made Mathematics the Need of the time.

The Department of Mathematics at CBIT was launched with the aim of preparing students in mathematics with a width of knowledge of the other sciences and technologies. In addition to the different Mathematics programs, the department also provides a sound Scientific and Mathematical foundation to the undergraduate professionals of all the other departments of CBIT.

Department Staff

Prof. Bhanuprakash

Associate Professor

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Dr. Chaitra E

Associate Professor

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Mr. Nagaraja S A

Assistant Professor

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Ms. Pavithra M V

Assistant Professor

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Mrs. Chaithra N S

Assistant Professor

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Basic Science Labs and Infrastructure




My college days are the best part of my life. My department encouraged me to explore my talent and potential by providing an exceptional integrated learning environment. I am really grateful to my teachers who have changed my whole aspect towards learning. I express my heartfelt thanks to the institution for giving me the perfect opportunity to explore myself. I am grateful to be part of such an institution.

“Stop doubting yourself, work hard and make it happen”, this is what CBIT taught me in the past 4 years.  I would like to thank my CSE department for giving me strength and ability to rise from tough situations. A huge thanks to our faculties who is always been a constant support and a backbone in anything related academic and placement activities. Also a warm thanks to principal, director, chairman and secretary and my dear friends.


Life in CBIT was nothing less than a roller coaster ride, full of ups and downs one can imagine. But throughout the journey I have learned a lot. It has provided me with some great opportunities which helped me improve myself in every aspect as a student, as a senior, as a friend, as a sportsperson, as a leader and most importantly as a professional. Experience in CBIT has helped me sharpen my skills in my field of choice by providing fully equipped labs where I could practice and learn. Apart from this being a part of student panel helped me improve my
managing skills along with technical. In all I had a great learning experience and have learnt some very important lessons in life which will help me to grow in future as well.

College plays a very important role in making the career of a person, for me this was CBIT. I had a very positive experience with CBIT; it had contributed a major part in my career building. The staff and teachers are very passionate and show genuine desire to help students to achieve their goals. College aims at the overall development of the student so that he she can excel in different fields. So in CBIT one is not just bookworm but a real thinker-which is the basic requirement in today’s tech-era.


Finding the right path to success at the right time is really very important and for that way I had selected CBIT. The friendly environment, the systematic approach towards imparting education at CBIT made me a competent individual. The wide range of activities- both curricular and co-curricular- along with the support from CBIT is really very helpful for my future. The faculties are really very kind and approachable when any need arises. In CBIT we are trained for our placements and because of that I was placed in one of the reputed companies for my internship. Today, if I am in good position it’s because of what I have learnt from CBIT. Lastly I am really proud to be an CBITian.

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