• R & D centres at CBIT shall blossom into a nodal centre of national importance with global network latest science and technology.


  • Applied research catering to the societal and technological needs of mankind.
  • State of the art infrastructure supporting young scholars in research and development activities.


  • To create state of the art research lab facility for young engineers to carry out research in interdisciplinary domains of Electronics, Mechanical and Computer Science Engineering.
  • To establish collaboration with national and international universities, research organizations and funding agencies to develop technology for commercial and defence applications.

The R&D centre would encourage undergraduate students, post graduate students, research scholars and faculties to pursue research in their area of interest and participate in undergoing research activities @CBIT. The R&D cell would support the departments, students and faculties through research grants as well will provide required infrastructure to carry out academic research. The outcome of the research carried out will lead to publications, patents and product development.

R & D Centres @ CBIT.

  • Department of Computer Science and Engineering.
  • Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering.
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Interested students need to submit an application indicating there area of interest.

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