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The main aim of teaching Chemistry is to inculcate scientific attitude in the students, i.e., Readiness of mind towards the pursuit of scientific knowledge. The department has well equipped laboratory to offer good practical training as per the academic requirements of VTU, where the students learn Chemistry on their own and staff members work as their guide. The department is having qualified and experienced staff members.

Working in the lab develops habit of logical thinking in the students as they are required to interpret data and observations. It familiarizes the students with the important role played by chemistry in our daily life.

The main objective of Chemistry is to modify the behavior of the student in a desirable direction. Here we are following Lecture-Demonstration method, wherein, activities like observation, recording observation, drawing figures, answering questions etc are provided to the students. Thus students are kept fully engaged.

The department is also providing student resources such as question banks, assignment booklets, lab manual, important questions and answers for viva. The departmental laboratory procedure method involves first hand experiences with materials derived from investigations or experiences and verification.