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Library is a back bone of any academic institution. It indicates the quality and service of an academic institution. The CBIT library has a modern and well- equipped infrastructure. Which offers excellent facilities like . The Central Library is located at the heart of the Institution and is easily accessible to the departments; the library has a seating capacity for more than 450 users at a time 

Available Resources

Titles 2231

Volumes 10424

National journals 50

International journals 16

Mr. Lakshmana Reddy – Chief Librarian

Mrs. Manjula – Library Assistant 

Library is fully programmed with barcode reader and automated circulation facility with OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue).

The CBIT library has kept pace with modernization by introducing Digital library with e-journals database, CDROM database, 22 system Internet and e-mail facilities to the students and staff community. The library has also been provided with excellent facilities for the self learning of the students beyond institution hours. i.e 8.30am to 6pm.

The staff and students are using LIB software for collecting and checking the books department wise and also can check on line books availability.



CBIT has well equipped digital library for accessing the e-resources like CD-ROMs, e-journals,Videos, PDF files, Seminar papers, e-books, Thesis, Abstracts, ect. CBIT library is a member of DELNET consortium, and also subscribes to the J-GATE (Engineering & Technology) and IEEE e-journals and also provides the links for open access journals, articles, seminar papers, conference etc.