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Department of Physics came in to existence With the establishment of C .B. I. T (C.Byregowda Institute of Technology) in the year 2009.

1. Physics Department Aims to impart quality education to the students through student centered teaching methodology so that they can master the subject via better Understanding of the concepts, derivations and applications and in turn they can academically excel.

2. Teaching of theory and conduct of practical’s is as per VTU norms.

3. The department is having well qualified, experienced and dedicated 3 member faculty. The faculty adopted synchronized way of teaching content so that the students cann’t be put in to confusion. The faculty periodically update and enrich the content and methodology through seminars and workshops.

4. The department is having well furnished laboratory which is equipped with high quality Instruments and apparatus.

5. Separate faculty and HOD room is attached to the laboratory. The faculty is available to the students during the college working hours So that the students can get their doubts cleared.

6. The department has brought out Physics Laboratory Manuel, Resource Material, Question Bank, Model Question and Answers prepared by the faculty for the benefit of the students. Individual attention will be given to the students while teaching theory as well as conducting practicals

Faculty List