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Forum Activities

The student forum UNNATHI under the aegis of Association of Mechanical Engineers (AME), conducts `Yanthrothsava’- an inter collegiate tech fest, to showcase the talents of the students in their chosen field. Unnathi also provides a platform for students to exchange ideas and share knowledge among the student fraternity by conducting student technical paper presentations, quiz, etc. The forum regularly invites experts from both academia and industries to deliver expert lectures to enlighten both faculty and students about the recent developments in the field of mechanical engineering.



 1)Aprameyan S and Dr. U N Kempaiah “Dry Sliding Wear Behaviour of Ferrite-Martensite Dual Phase Steels”, International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology (IJERT) Vol. 2, Issue 10, October 2013.

2)Aprameyan S , P.D. Sudersanana, Nagaraj Kori and Dr. U N Kempaiah “The Effect of Carbon Content in Martensite on the Strength of Dual Phase Steel”, Bonfring International Journal of Industrial Engineering & Management Science, ISSN 2277-5056, Vol. 2, June 2012,pp 1-4.

 3) Aprameyan S , P.D. Sudersanana, Nagaraj Kori and Dr. U N Kempaiah “The Effect of Carbon Content and Heat Treatment Temperature on the Microstructure of Dual Phase Steel”, International conference on “Novel Horizons and Prospectus of Industry Institute Interaction” at Shri Shankarprasad Agnihotri College of Engi-neering, Wardha, Maharastra Feb 2012.

4)Aprameyan S and Dr. U N Kempaiah, “Studies on Corrosion Behaviour of Ferrite-Martensite DP Steels by Salt Spray Test”, Accepted after final review for Presentation and subsequent publication in the Proceeding of the ASME 2014 power conference , Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

 5)Suresh Kumar S “Effect of Langeron Geom-etry on 2-bay Circumferential Crack Arrest Capability of a Flat Panel with a Broken Central Langeron” IJAER ISSN 0973-4562 Volume , number 21(2011) PP. 2537-2543.

6) Sreenath N “Numerical studies on the Effect of Spamwise Position of Maximum Blade Chord on the Aerodynamic Performance of an MAV Propeller IJAIR/Volume3, issue 12, December 2014.

7) M.S Satish and Chowda Reddy C, review paper on “Effect of Hardfacing using Various Process Time” National conference at SKIT, Bangalore.

8) Kalpana Sachan “Effect of Soaking Hane and Applied Load on Wear Behavior of Carburized Mild Steel” ISOR Volume 3, 2013.

9) Swetha G N and Dr. Nagaraja “Influence of Stack Material and Buffer Volume on Pressure Amplitude on a Standing Wave Thermo-acoustic Prime Mover”. IJAIR(2278-7844/Volume3 Issue 12, Dec 2014 10) Kalpana Sachan “Effect of Tempering Temperature and Applied Load on Wear Behavior of Carburized Mild Steel” ISOR volume 2, Issue 12.


1) Santhosh A N and Sanjay K N attended 2 days workshop on management and IPR’s at NMIT, Bangalore.

2) Santhosh A N and Sanjay K N attended 4 dyas FDP on Autodesk at VTU RO, Bangalore.

3) Santhosh A N attended 4 days workshop on HVAC and it’s applications at NCET, Bangalore.

 4) Karthik S N and Mohan Kumar K A attended 2 days workshop on Solid Works at VTU RO, Bangalore. 5) Kushal Kumar G attended 2 days workshop on “Teaching Methodology in Turbomachines” at Sambram Institute of Technology. 6) Kalpana Sachan and Swetha G N attended 2 days FDP on “Hands on Experience in CNC at JIT, Bangalore.