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The importance of Mathematics in today’s scenario is a powerful tool in understanding and solving problems in any field, in particular engineering, where the physical laws governing the system are transformed into mathematical equations and solved. The results obtained are stimulated with the available data and constructive conclusions can be drawn from the model .Hence, mathematics plays a very important role in shaping the career of an Engineer.

The Department of Mathematics, the most fundamental branch of Science, is committed to stimulate intellectual curiosity, develop the student’s understanding of the world,  master them to possess skills and tools an engineer uses to address fundamental questions, foster the development of a logical approach to problem solving and aid the development of an ethical framework, both professionally and personally.

The Department of Mathematics was started along with the institution in the year 2009. Prof. Bhanuprakash heads the department. Presently, it has 6 qualified Staff members. The average experience of the staff is above 10 years. The average result of the department is above 85% in all the semesters of the university examinations.

The department supports other core departments in imparting quality education in Mathematics up to the Fourth Semester of the B.E. courses. Mathematics is one which unifies all branches of Science and Technology and reflects the spirit of rationality