EC Laboratories


 Dept. of Electronics & Communication Engineering

Sl No Name of the Laboratory/Workshop Major Equipments Available
1 Communication Lab CRO, DSO,Digital Function generator, Function Generator, UPS, Microwave test bench, Microstrip Antennas, Directional coupler setup, Ring Resonator & power divider setup, DPSK kit, QPSK kit, Optical Fiber trainer kit.
2 Logic Design / Power Electronics Lab Digital IC Trainer kits, Universall IC Tester, SCR Characteristics kit, MOSFET Characteristics kit, HWR & FWR using RC triggering kit, SCR Turn off, UJT Triggering, AC Voltage controller, Fully controlled bridge convertor, DC Chopper, DC Motor speed controller, Universal Motor speed controller, Stepper motor speed controller, parallel Inverter, Series inverter
3 DSP/ HDL Lab Computers, DSP Starter kits, HDL, Trainer kits, Logic Analyzer/ Pattern generator
4 VLSI LAB Intel Core @ Duo@ 2.93Ghz, 2GB DDR2 RAM, 320GB HDD, 18.5 TFT Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse, UPS, Projector, Cadence VLSI Tool
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