Sl No Name of the Laboratory/Workshop Major Equipments Available
1 Foundry  & Forging Lab Cope and Drag moulding boxes, Permanent metal and wooden patterns, Hand tool sets, Electronic weighing machine, Sand rammers, Permeability apparatus, Universal sand testing machines, compression and shear shackles, Clay content test apparatus, Rapid moisture teller, specimen drying oven, Open hearth furnaces, Air blower, Hammers of various sizes, tongs, Anvils, shovels,
2 Metallographic and Materials Testing Lab Universal Testing Machine with attachments, Brinell and Vicker’s Hardness tester, Torsion testing machine, Charpy and lzod impact testing machine, Wear testing machine, Metallurgical microscope
3 Meteorology & Measurements  Lab Pressure gauge, Calibration of Thermocouple, LVDT, Load cell, Optical Projector, Sine center, Sine bar, bevel protractor, Lathe tool Dyn Mechanical Comparator gear tooth vernier optical Flats
4 Machine Shop Lathes, Milling Machine, Shaper, Grinding Machine
5 Energy Conversion Lab Viscometers. Flash and Fire point apparatus, Bomb Calorimeter, 4- Stroke single cylinder petrol engine ( VCR engine test rig). 4- Stroke multi cylinder petrol engine test rig. 2 – Stroke single cylinder petrol engine test rig. 4- Stroke single cylinder diesel engine.  Centrifugal blower test rig. 2- Stage reciprocating air compressor test rig.
6 Fluid Machinery Lab Pelt-on wheel, Air Compressor, Kaplan turbine, Venturi-meter, Orifice meter,Major & Minor losses apparatus, Centrifugal pump, Centrifugal blower test rig., 2- Stage reciprocating air compressor test rig.
7 Heat & Mass Transfer Lab Thermal Conductivity of metal rod, Transient conduction apparatus, Boil & Condensation apparatus, Natural & Forced convection apparatus, parallel & Counter flow heat exchangers, Emissivity measurement apparatus, Pin- fin apparatus,Composite wall apparatus, Vapour Compression Refrigeration test rig.
8 CAMA Lab Computers with LAN, ANSYS software, Projector with screen
9 Design Lab Gyroscope, Whirling of shaft, Vibration set-up, Universal governor set-up, Balancing test rig., Strain gauge set-up, Polariscope, Journal Bearing apparatus
10 CIM Lab CNC Milling & Turning CAM Software (15 sets), CNC Milling & Turning SIM Software (15 sets), CNC Technology multimedia N cyclo


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